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Mental Block

WARNING!!!  today’s post is going to consist of me whining about different things in my life and a lot of negativity.  Haven’t been feeling very optimistic lately.  I have been dealing with a serious case of mental block.  It feels like I have zero control over it and it’s holding me back.  I can’t find a way to complete a task and for some reason that’s driving me insane.  

Today I had planned to go out and run a hard 8-mile run with a local running group. But instead I decided to listen to the little voice of negativity in my head and didn’t go hard.  Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoyed the run.  I got to talk to some of the guys in the group and had a pretty good time, but the problem is that my goal for the day was to run hard and see where I’m at.  It felt like I wasted a workout.

I feel like running should be helping me release stress and with all the other positive things people say running helps with.  But in reality that’s not the way things are going.  Running sucks! and is making me feel miserable. I guess I forgot how hard I have to work and how long it takes to get faster. When I got back to it I came with the wrong mentality. I wasn’t expecting it to take me this long to gain some of the speed/endurance I once had.  I’m not even close to being in shape and I’m already feeling burned out.  I know, I know…I need to stop being a pussy about it. just do the work and wait for the results to come.

Next thing I want to whine about is music.  I was super pumped to see Young the Giant for the first time ever.  Well, I was disappointed with their performance. They were out of sync.  At some points it sounded like they never played together before.  Usually that happens when members are drunk/high or haven’t played together very much.  That wasn’t their case, they didn’t look drunk or high and they have been playing together for awhile so I don’t know what happened there. Maybe I should consume way more alcohol next time…  In a positive note I will be watching The Smashing Pumpkins tonight and I can’t wait for them to play some real music.  

The next thing in the list: no other than this blog.  I tried posting something the last two days and had no luck.  I knew what I wanted to write about but couldn’t put it together.  I know I don’t have to update it everyday but nothing pisses me off more than not being able to type what I have on mind.  It seems like I have it all figured out and then POW!! its all gone.   

Well, have an amazing weekend and don’t let my negativity rub off on you. 

Lost and Found!

I was going through a bunch of old crap looking for my high school diploma when I found an old cd I made when I was in seventh grade.  I remember making the cd when I was in computer class.  Almost every kid made a cd for their parents or their crush.  I did the only smart thing and made it for myself 😆  It was the first cd I ever made.  It has eleven songs from Bad Religion, System Of A Down, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Social Distortion, Flogging Molly and Rage Against The Machine.

I used to listen to this song from Flogging Molly all of the time.  I remember discovering the song the day I broke my wrist playing soccer.  I went to the hospital and the doctor was playing the “Alive Behind the Green Door” album and I became a fan instantly. Flogging Molly became the first and only “Irish Punk” band I like.  Dave King is a bad ass vocalist who knows how to get the crowd pump.  I would like to see them live again.  Its been over six years since the last time I saw them.  Do any of you guys remember this song?

67 Facts About O.K.

I originally tried to come up with one hundred facts but that didn’t go the way I planed.  It is harder than it looks.  

1. I smile all of the time.  

2. I hate driving around town.  All of the going and stopping makes me feel anxious. 

3. I love driving long distances. 

4. I’m incredible optimistic about what the future holds. 

5. I like reading inspirational novels. (damn you Lance I really liked your book

6. I have the worst table manners ever.  I use my hands instead of silverware a lot of the time. 

7. I got burned when I was young buck learning how to walk.  As a result I have the coolest scars on my arms.

8. I like to make up stories when people ask me what happened to my arms.  I have so many stories going around that sometimes even I get confused.

9. I am an asshole.  An ex gf once called me a narcissistic asshole during an argument. I was confused why she was describing me so I took it as a compliment.  

10. I plan to become a millionaire.  Who doesn’t…right? 

11. Not a big fan of technology.  I’m still trying to understand why people buy every new gadget that comes out.  

12. I chew my nails.  Especially when I’m watching games that I care about.

13. I broke both of my knees jumping from the roof of the house when I was eleven.  

14. I brush my teeth in the shower.

15. I can’t sleep with socks on and find people who sleep with socks on disgusting.

16. I always have to have two or more conversations going on at the same time.  

17. I love big crowds of people. 

18. I don’t get mad easily, I just laugh it off.

19. I don’t like wearing shorts.  I’m that guy who wears pants when is 110+ outside.

20. Dark Ale and Amber Ale are my beers of choice.  But free beer is free beer lol 🙂

21. I prefer my beer warm.

22. I don’t like clowns. My sister used to force me watch Pennywise when I was younger and for some reason the fear never went away.  

23. I never wear flip-flops unless I’m wearing a bathing suit.

24. This is my favorite number.  

25. I rarely clean my room but when I do…I don’t. 

26. I once sharted my pants while on a first date.  She later became my gf. 

27. I am not a picky eater.  

28. I am a Jack of all trades and a master of none. 

29. I started getting grey hairs when I was twenty four .  Now they are all over the place. 

30. I like buying books from thrift stores.  They have some good books for cheap. 

31. My right pinky finger is shorter than the left one. 

32. I have been in college since I was eighteen and I still don’t know my student ID number. 

33. I don’t have a favorite color.

34. Las Vegas is my home and I love everything about it including the heat. 

35. I don’t apologize but when I do, I mean it. 

36. I have never lost a fight.  

37. I considered myself the worst writer in WordPress.

38. Do you even grammar?  What the fuck is grammar? How does one acquire grammar? 😀

39. I’m usually always late. 

40. I hate paying for overpriced food.  Main reason why I don’t like going to food festivals.

41. I only wear black or caki? khaki color jeans.  Dark blue makes an appearance every once in awhile. 

42. I love swimming in water bodies.  I hate swimming in pools. 

43. I can’t remember the last time I cried.

44. I don’t like eating at McDonalds but when I do I order form the dollar menu. 

45. I used to think that Japandroids were the best band in the universe.  I still listen to them though….no shame! 

46. My no filter personality usually gets me in trouble with the ladies.

47. I can’t figure out how to use photoshop.  I know the lyrics to Elvis “Viva Las Vegas” by heart. 

49. I don’t care about fashion, if I like it I wear it.   

50. I hate talking about running with non runners. 

51. Hockey is my favorite sport to watch followed by football and college basketball. 

52. I hate riots. I don’t understand why people enjoy acting like animals destroying and stealing everything they can get their hands on. There are different ways to demonstrate your support.   

53. Punk music is my cup of tea. 

54. I got drunk for the first time when I was twelve.

55. I broke my head open the night I first got drunk.

56. My mother spanked me for the first time in my life the day after. 

57. I refuse to get my teeth whitened. 

58. I feel like I know the authors of my favorite blogs in real life.  

59. Z from “I Prefer Deep Blues and Sea Foam Greens” is my favorite blogger.  I like her writing style and how she always manages to make things like “math” funny.  Thanks to her I feel self conscious when I enter through the exit door at the grocery store.  

60. I can’t figure out how to use photoshop.

61. Spent five hours trying to make a logo for my blog on photoshop.   I’m still wondering where do I get my five hours back?  

62. Coffee is my drink of choice nowadays. 

63. These are my most favorite pictures from mexico.  This one pretty much sums the whole trip up.  Drinks and smiles all the way until the end. 


A group picture of all the dudes.The dudes

64. My mother thinks I’m an alcoholic because of my excessive drinking in Mexico.  Can’t say no to all you can drink. 😀

65. I just realized that I forgot to post about the Mexico trip. 

66. I am very easily distracted. 

67. I can’t come up with one hundred facts so I’m going to change the title of this post. 

Rock in Rio USA

Well, my day just got even better.  I was looking online at the Deftones tour calendar to see if they were going to stop by Las Vegas anytime soon when I stumble upon Rock in Rio USA.  I remember reading and hearing about it but I didn’t think much about it because the paper said something about Taylor Swift being the headliner so that ruled the festival out of my mind.   But today I found out that Metallica, Deftones and Coheed and Cambria are playing on it.  I have seen them all live before so I know that they are worth the $300 ticket.  For a festival like this one tickets are going to sell out quick so I better get mine soon.  Christmas is around the corner so might as well get myself a nice present 😉  I personally can’t wait to see the chaos that the festival is going to create.  The Strip is going to be packed after the shows are over.  ohhh God… I love living in Las Vegas.

It looks like I’m getting lucky when it comes to the bands coming to town this year.  I will be going to watch Young The Giant, Bush and Smashing Pumpkins all in one weekend.  I can’t think of a better way to say goodbye to 2014.   Glad to see that some of the bands I grew up listening to are still playing.  It makes me feel like a kid again 🙂


I’ll Just Leave This Here

This guy has an amazing voice.  I used to “hate” his music but for some reason I have been listening to it lately.  Still can’t decide which version I like the most.  The original version is pretty sick but I also like the beat on the electric version.  Which version do you prefer?


Mind Over Matter

After having a not so good week I decided to go for a long run.  The weather is nice out so I put on my running shoes and for the second time in my life I took my iPod for a run.   I usually don’t listen to music when I run.  I’m actually against running with headphones on.  Running on the streets is already dangerous enough without it.  Over the years I have witnessed many car accidents, people almost hitting me and my best friend Chase getting hit by a lady who was busy talking on the phone.  People are probably never going to pay attention to pedestrians on the road so we have to do the best we can and stay aware of our surroundings.   

During the run I had the iPod set to shuffle and was enjoying some old tunes that had been neglected over the months. That’s when “Mind Over Matter’ by Young the Giant came on.  I remember listening to it on iTunes early in the summer and I felt in love with the song.  I bought it and put it on the iPod.  Listened to it everyday for about two months until for some reason it got replaced by other songs.  Didn’t listen to it for months until the Kings of Leon concert when Young the Giant performed it live and it was amazing.  Now it looks like it is going to be on my head for awhile so I might as well share it with you guys 🙂 


The Calm Before The Storm

Let me start by saying thanks to Alivia, my cousin and his GF (can’t remember her name) for the amazing time last night.  Kings Of Leon was more than what I expected. They blew my mind….  I really liked the selection of the songs they played.  They kept the crowd up on their feet the whole time.  It was AMAZING!!!  The only regret I have is that we didn’t get on time to the meet and greet.  It was my fault.  I wanted to watch the end of the Rebels game before heading out.  Nothing new here, the Rebels lost once again 😦   We got to the meet and greet around ten minutes late and the door man didn’t let us go through.  We did tried a couple of unethical (brive) moves before given up.  I don’t know what he was thinking because if I was a door man and someone offered me a crispy Benjamin I would let them go through.

The concert was blast!!! I was able to tell that Caleb (vocalist/guitarist) was a little drunk, but that didn’t matter because we were all drunk anyways. He did played the wrong notes during Be Somebody so that did suck a little.  He did apologized for it right after it.   The whole show was out of this world.  It was my first time at the MGM arena so that added to the excitement.

I got home around four in the morning after a crazy night of fun. Just in time to find a crazy GF (now ex GF) waiting for me.  She was mad because I din’t invited her to the concert.  To my defense I did invited her, but she said she had to work that night.  According to her I didn’t wanted her to go because if I never asked her to take the day off.  You said what??? Women logic!!! Since when does a person needs to tell you take the day off work so you can attend an event? If you want to attend, you take the initiative and take the day off without anyone asking.  As a result of her anger she felt the need to lose her mind and trash my place.  She threw my laptop and books all over my room.  I personally don’t care about any of that, but the fact that she couldn’t communicate without trashing my room was a good reason for me to kick her out of my place.  I don’t need any negativity in my life right now.  We didn’t date for that long so I don’t really care much about it.  Yes, it was nice to have someone around, but I prefer to be alone than to have a crazy person around me.   She is supposed to come and grab her things tomorrow morning and everything will be over.