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Lost and Found!

I was going through a bunch of old crap looking for my high school diploma when I found an old cd I made when I was in seventh grade.  I remember making the cd when I was in computer class.  Almost every kid made a cd for their parents or their crush.  I did the only smart thing and made it for myself 😆  It was the first cd I ever made.  It has eleven songs from Bad Religion, System Of A Down, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Social Distortion, Flogging Molly and Rage Against The Machine.

I used to listen to this song from Flogging Molly all of the time.  I remember discovering the song the day I broke my wrist playing soccer.  I went to the hospital and the doctor was playing the “Alive Behind the Green Door” album and I became a fan instantly. Flogging Molly became the first and only “Irish Punk” band I like.  Dave King is a bad ass vocalist who knows how to get the crowd pump.  I would like to see them live again.  Its been over six years since the last time I saw them.  Do any of you guys remember this song?


Yesterday I went to meet my nephew Shane.   He is the cutest little guy I ever seen.  I can already tell that he is going to be a ladies man.  He also likes to sleep and eat a lot.  I didn’t get to hold him because I have never hold a baby before and didn’t feel comfortable.  Practicing with a newborn seems a little dangerous.   

Here is a video of little Shane having hiccups earlier that day.  


Uncle Sergio!

Well, tonight is an amazing night.  I’m officially an uncle.  I’m pretty pumped about it.  Can’t wait for the day he starts calling me Uncle Sergio.  It rolls off the tongue.  It sounds just right.  To him and the future generations of Foxes my first name is now Uncle and my middle name is Sergio.  I can already tell that Shane Fox will be leading the next generation of Foxes to great things.

Congratulations to Charlie (brother) and Megan (sister in law).  They have been waiting for Shane to make an appearance for months.  I know they are overjoyed right now.   Going to sleep with a huge smile on my face tonight.  I will be paying him a visit tomorrow 🙂 


Lucky Frane

Haha this is pretty funny,  I wonder if this is true.  Luckiest unlucky man to ever live. 

Edit: Holy cow, according to The Telegraph he is a real dude.  I can’t believe someone can go through all that and still be alive.  Good for him.  


Career Awareness

Yesterday at work I got approached by an Internist and he asked me if I could help him with a “project” later on.  According to him “some little kids are coming to learn about the hospital”.  The first thought through my mind was “Little kids?  Maaaaaaan!  I can talk to little kids for days”.  But in reality I wasn’t excited about it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love kids but for some reason I wasn’t feeling it.   I didn’t say no because I didn’t think I could.  So I said yes and hoped that my supervisor would say no since we were pretty busy.  Before I finished asking her she said “Yes, I was the one who put you down as a volunteer”.  Man, that wasn’t the answer I was looking for.

Couple of hours later the kids come through the door.  I was expecting some little kids with leftovers from breakfast all over their mouth and apple juice stains on their shirts.   Nah, instead I had to help guide some high school seniors through the hospital.  I could easily tell that they were super excited to be here because of the way most of them were glued to their phones.   Nothing surprises me anymore.  It seems like kids nowadays don’t have any respect for anyone.  Luckily for me the Internist I was helping doesn’t like being disrespected so he just asked them to put it away or they could step outside.  He went ahead and did the tour part with the kids and came back to the meeting room with all of them.  That’s when I found out that I was supposed to go in there and have a chat with them. Answer their questions and just give them some tips.

I walked in the room and surprisingly they were all quiet and were ready to listen.  For those of you who don’t know me, I have zero problem talking to people. I love talking, if I could get pay to talk I would do it.  So I just went in and did what I had to do.  I asked the kids if they had any questions and to my surprise about five hands went up in the air.  They asked questions ranging from parties in college to the path I took to get to graduate school.  They just wanted to know more about what the future holds for them.  The things they should prepare for and see how things work around the medical world.  Obviously not all of them want to be in the medical field but I do hope that the little chat we had inspires them to continue their education past high school.  I do believe that professionals and older students like myself can inspire at least one or two kids to hopefully get a degree and start a career.  Also a big shout to whoever came up with the idea of a career awareness field trip.  You da man!

Rock in Rio USA

Well, my day just got even better.  I was looking online at the Deftones tour calendar to see if they were going to stop by Las Vegas anytime soon when I stumble upon Rock in Rio USA.  I remember reading and hearing about it but I didn’t think much about it because the paper said something about Taylor Swift being the headliner so that ruled the festival out of my mind.   But today I found out that Metallica, Deftones and Coheed and Cambria are playing on it.  I have seen them all live before so I know that they are worth the $300 ticket.  For a festival like this one tickets are going to sell out quick so I better get mine soon.  Christmas is around the corner so might as well get myself a nice present 😉  I personally can’t wait to see the chaos that the festival is going to create.  The Strip is going to be packed after the shows are over.  ohhh God… I love living in Las Vegas.

It looks like I’m getting lucky when it comes to the bands coming to town this year.  I will be going to watch Young The Giant, Bush and Smashing Pumpkins all in one weekend.  I can’t think of a better way to say goodbye to 2014.   Glad to see that some of the bands I grew up listening to are still playing.  It makes me feel like a kid again 🙂


‘Monster’ Energy Drinks are Satan?

Was about to post this video when I found this post. He hit the nail on the head. Nothing surprises me anymore…

Lucien Maverick's Den

I’m never surprised anymore.  Ever.  I’ve come to a point where, when somebody tells me – Man, you will not BELIEVE the stupid thing that so-and-so has done!  I just sit with a blank expression and go, “no, I believe it.”  Nothing surprises me.  So when I heard that there was a video that some woman made where she makes evidence that the energy drink brand Monster is connected to the devil, I was not surprised by that in the slightest.  I’m sure that most of you have seen this video already, but for those who haven’t, here it is –

You know, if you follow the logic of these people to its conclusion – Satan is trolling.  I mean, have you seen some of the things that people find the “666” mark on?  My personal favorite was how they found that it’s everywhere in Disney.  Given how God is…

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I still remember the day The Fast And The Furious first came out.  I was a twelve year old who dreamed of doing the crazy stunts that they did in the movie. My favorite scene is when they first line up to race on the first movie.  My hands still sweat when I think about it 🙂  Just like most of the people I know, I became a fan right before the credits started rolling.  My friends and I couldn’t stop talking about it. I remember getting in trouble for watching videos at school of some kids trying the stunts from the movie.  I guess many people died trying to replicate the impossible, Luckily by the time I got my driver license I had a little more common sense and never tried to do anything stupid (other than speeding of course). That movie bonded me with my friends even more. I had a friend who thought that the Fast… movies were stupid and unrealistic but I know that deep inside he enjoyed watching them because he was always standing in line when the time to watch the newest one arrived.  When I was a Junior in high school Paul Walker bought a house in my neighborhood and my friends and I would always try to see if we could talk to him.  I never had the chance but I know some who did and took pictures with him.  I’m still a little jealous….  

Earlier today they released the Fast 7 trailer and I can’t wait for opening day.  Kind of sad that it will be going to be the last Fast… movie ever made.