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Control Your Eyebrows

This guy is hilarious.  I couldn’t stop laughing after watching this video.  The sad part is that he is pretty damn accurate.  The funny thing is that not only girls do that.  Now you see guys walking around with their eyebrows looking like they have the McDonalds M on their forehead.  

Lost and Found!

One of the cons of driving a truck is that people think that the bed is a garbage can.  I don’t understand what goes through peoples mind to find it okay to throw their garbage away in a strangers car.   I bet the guy is walking around drinking a refreshing soda saying to himself “this soda was exactly what I needed in this hot day”.  As he walks through the busy parking lot he faces a problem.  “Where can I throw the bottle away” as he walks through hundreds of cars he smiles when he sees a garbage can “thank you God for putting a garbage can on my way” then he proceeds to throw the bottle in the back of someones truck.  I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes.  

Well, today it was a little different.  After a long day at the hospital (school), I was surprised to find a wallet in the back of my truck.   Like, who throws a wallet away???  This wallet is the fattest wallet I have ever seen. I wasn’t able to close it because of the amount of things in it.  The owner has tons of cards, a lot of business cards and no cash lol  So I decided to track down the owner of the wallet.  It took me about ten minutes to look through it.  Finally I found a phone number and was able to reach the owners mom.  He called me back minutes after and I found out that he was robbed last night.  Luckily for him the criminal only took the money and dumped his wallet in a “garbage can”.  I will be meeting the wallet man tonight when he comes to get it.  I wonder what I’m going to find next…   I just hope someone doesn’t leave a baby with a note like they do on doorsteps 😀 

Lost Wallet

Mortal Kombat Prank Video

I hope you guys are ready for an early morning laugh.  Mortal Kombat has always been my favorite fighting video game.  So when I saw the title of the video I din’t hesitate to click on it.  Ohh boy…I’m glad I clicked on it.  This video had me laughing like the hyenas in Lion King.  Watch it until the end, you won’t be disappointing.   



I need to stay away form the internet for awhile.   I keep finding a bunch of things that I want.  The most recent one is this shirt.  I looked online to try to find who sells it, but had no luck.  It looks like the guys who designed it only make a certain number and release them at random times.  I guess I’m going to have to wait a little until I can become a proud owner of a Ninjesus t-shirt. 


Drunken Word Of The Night “Pusillanimous”

Had a great time tonight.  The nightlife in OKC is pretty good.  Tons of cool people and most of them are really friendly.  It kind of reminded me of Las Vegas.  Most people are from somewhere other than OKC.  I like diversity so I really liked that.  The only thing that sucked and was surprised by was the famous “LAST CALL”.  Everyone was having a good time when all of the sudden the bartender screamed those famous words.  Everyone rushed to grab one last drink and prepared to go home.  It was pretty funny since here in Las Vegas that would never happen.  That’s when I heard the drunken word of the night.  A drunk guy screamed “pusillanimous”.  That’s when I knew he had a little too much to drink.  I had heard that word plenty of times before.  Back when I was in high school our track coach used to use it all of the time. So right after he said it my best friend and I just looked at each other and laughed.  I don’t think we had heard that word since our last day of track.  It was funny since we knew it was used in the wrong context and it also brought memories of when we were young and stupid.  Its crazy how one weird word can bring back so many memories. Well, it is pretty late here and I need to wake up early tomorrow.  We have a long game of golf at eight tomorrow 🙂 Goodnight! 

According to Merriam Webster dictionary pusillanimous means: Lacking courage and resolution.  Marked with contemptible timidity.