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Running Buddy

I have been looking for a mofo crazy enough to be my running buddy for almost two months without luck.  I don’t even have high standards.  I don’t care if he/she is fast or slow as long as he/she can cover the distance.  Actually, now that I think about it, I do have a list of qualities a running buddy should have. 

What do I look for when trying to find a running buddy?  Well, I look at a lot of things.. 

1.  Numero uno is the most important one.  He/she has to be crazy enough to listen to me talk during the entire run.  I’m not kidding about this one.  I can and will talk the whole way.  I sometimes listen but most of the times I am the one doing most of the talking.   

2.  My running buddy has to be comfortable with me burping and occasionally farting.  My body likes to get rid of gas when I run.  I guess that’s a normal thing every runner goes through.  The only difference is that I’m a strong believer of: “Never hold your farts in. They travel up your spine and into your brain. That’s where shitty ideas come from…” so I release everything.

3.  He/she has to be comfortable to call me out when I occasionally change the pace.  I don’t know why I do it.  Something inside me triggers and I start running a little faster than what we are supposed be running.  I do appreciate it when someone calls me out on it right away. It saves me from feeling like crap a mile or two later. Jacob is pretty good at calling me out.

4.  Headphones?  You better not even think about it. I would round kick the crap out you.  I don’t understand why people do that.  I find it sad when I see a group of people running and instead of having a conversation they are listening to whatever crap is coming from their headphones.

5.  He/she better have a sense of humor.  I’m pretty immature and most of the times I say whatever is on my mind.  If you are easily offended there is a chance we won’t work out.  If you trip and fall expect me to laugh about it while giving you a hand up.  Pretty much be able to laugh at yourself and don’t get butt hurt when something silly happens.

6.  Be positive.  Running is hard enough so don’t bring your negativity.  Be positive and be happy with your progress. Even if you trained all year long and only got a couple of seconds faster.  Progress is progress…

7.  This one is pretty important.  Be on time.  If for some reason you are not going to make try to let me know in advance so I don’t waste my time waiting for you to show up.  Something that rustles my jimmies is when I don’t get my run done in the morning because we are supposed to run later in the evening and the mofo cancels at the last minute.  It gets me every freaking time.

8.  Don’t race me.  We are supposed to be running together not racing each other.  Nothing kills a workout more than someone who always wants to be one step ahead.  It freaking blows my mind and probably will earn you a whack behind the head (notsrs).

I can’t think about more qualities so I’ll end it here.  Anyone wants to  be my running buddy?

Lost and Found!

I was going through a bunch of old crap looking for my high school diploma when I found an old cd I made when I was in seventh grade.  I remember making the cd when I was in computer class.  Almost every kid made a cd for their parents or their crush.  I did the only smart thing and made it for myself 😆  It was the first cd I ever made.  It has eleven songs from Bad Religion, System Of A Down, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Social Distortion, Flogging Molly and Rage Against The Machine.

I used to listen to this song from Flogging Molly all of the time.  I remember discovering the song the day I broke my wrist playing soccer.  I went to the hospital and the doctor was playing the “Alive Behind the Green Door” album and I became a fan instantly. Flogging Molly became the first and only “Irish Punk” band I like.  Dave King is a bad ass vocalist who knows how to get the crowd pump.  I would like to see them live again.  Its been over six years since the last time I saw them.  Do any of you guys remember this song?


Yesterday I went to meet my nephew Shane.   He is the cutest little guy I ever seen.  I can already tell that he is going to be a ladies man.  He also likes to sleep and eat a lot.  I didn’t get to hold him because I have never hold a baby before and didn’t feel comfortable.  Practicing with a newborn seems a little dangerous.   

Here is a video of little Shane having hiccups earlier that day.  


Uncle Sergio!

Well, tonight is an amazing night.  I’m officially an uncle.  I’m pretty pumped about it.  Can’t wait for the day he starts calling me Uncle Sergio.  It rolls off the tongue.  It sounds just right.  To him and the future generations of Foxes my first name is now Uncle and my middle name is Sergio.  I can already tell that Shane Fox will be leading the next generation of Foxes to great things.

Congratulations to Charlie (brother) and Megan (sister in law).  They have been waiting for Shane to make an appearance for months.  I know they are overjoyed right now.   Going to sleep with a huge smile on my face tonight.  I will be paying him a visit tomorrow 🙂 


Hobby Jogger

I wrote this not long ago when I began taking running a little more serious.  

A hobby jogger is someone who wants to be a runner but can’t stick to it.  They lack the commitment to get up and run every day.  They run sporadically, few miles a day and take days, weeks or even months off.  They are always the ones with the latest shoes, expensive running watch and usually think that finishing a 5k, 10k or a marathon is an accomplishment.  They spend more time dressing up for a race than training for it.  When they are running you can usually tell just by looking at their face that they are about to die during an easy run.  

I started running back when I was in high school.  I didn’t care much about performance or anything related to being a good runner.  I just wanted to chill with my friends. Running was a great way to do that.  We would go on runs and talk about whatever it was that we talked back in the day. It wasn’t until junior year when my best friend Chase and I started taking it serious.  As a result we would go running more and more.  Every day after school we would go home and got ready to run. It was the same routine every day. We would put on shorts, running shoes and hit the road. Chase was so committed to it, he was always there on time and ready to go.  We never missed a day.  There were times that I would be sleeping on a Saturday morning and the alarm would go off and I would unplug it and went back to sleep.  That never worked, he always found a way to get my lazy butt up to go running.  We trained for months and we always had a good time.  Track season came around and we both noticed a lot of improvement. That’s when both of us made the switch from being hobby joggers to “runners”.  

I kept running for years after that.  Five years ago I got tired of it and quit running.  During that time I began climbing the rankings of hobby joggers.  I don’t really have any excuses for it other than I got tired of it and lost the motivation and commitment to run. As you might remember I joined a running group about three months ago.  That marked the day I officially became a hobby jogger.  I’m not your typical hobby jogger.  I don’t buy the latest shoes or watch… Running taught me to be a cheap bastard.  I always buy the cheapest things when it comes to anything running related. That’s probably another reason why I’m never going to run a big city marathon. Paying that kind of money to run a marathon should be a capital offense.  Now I take way too many days off.  I probably only run a total of five or six days a month. Now that I’m twenty pounds heavier and full of bad habits I’m finding it hard to find the motivation to put my running shoes on every morning.  In the meantime I’m enjoying being a hobby jogger and hopefully is only temporally because it is a little embarrassing. 

My current goal is to get back to running every day.  I want to build my endurance and be able to wake up in the morning and put on my shoes without complaining about it. It is going to take a lot of time to get motivated again,  Luckily for me I have plenty of time to get my running situation together. Are you a hobby jogger or a runner?  

Mind Over Matter

After having a not so good week I decided to go for a long run.  The weather is nice out so I put on my running shoes and for the second time in my life I took my iPod for a run.   I usually don’t listen to music when I run.  I’m actually against running with headphones on.  Running on the streets is already dangerous enough without it.  Over the years I have witnessed many car accidents, people almost hitting me and my best friend Chase getting hit by a lady who was busy talking on the phone.  People are probably never going to pay attention to pedestrians on the road so we have to do the best we can and stay aware of our surroundings.   

During the run I had the iPod set to shuffle and was enjoying some old tunes that had been neglected over the months. That’s when “Mind Over Matter’ by Young the Giant came on.  I remember listening to it on iTunes early in the summer and I felt in love with the song.  I bought it and put it on the iPod.  Listened to it everyday for about two months until for some reason it got replaced by other songs.  Didn’t listen to it for months until the Kings of Leon concert when Young the Giant performed it live and it was amazing.  Now it looks like it is going to be on my head for awhile so I might as well share it with you guys 🙂 


The Calm Before The Storm

Let me start by saying thanks to Alivia, my cousin and his GF (can’t remember her name) for the amazing time last night.  Kings Of Leon was more than what I expected. They blew my mind….  I really liked the selection of the songs they played.  They kept the crowd up on their feet the whole time.  It was AMAZING!!!  The only regret I have is that we didn’t get on time to the meet and greet.  It was my fault.  I wanted to watch the end of the Rebels game before heading out.  Nothing new here, the Rebels lost once again 😦   We got to the meet and greet around ten minutes late and the door man didn’t let us go through.  We did tried a couple of unethical (brive) moves before given up.  I don’t know what he was thinking because if I was a door man and someone offered me a crispy Benjamin I would let them go through.

The concert was blast!!! I was able to tell that Caleb (vocalist/guitarist) was a little drunk, but that didn’t matter because we were all drunk anyways. He did played the wrong notes during Be Somebody so that did suck a little.  He did apologized for it right after it.   The whole show was out of this world.  It was my first time at the MGM arena so that added to the excitement.

I got home around four in the morning after a crazy night of fun. Just in time to find a crazy GF (now ex GF) waiting for me.  She was mad because I din’t invited her to the concert.  To my defense I did invited her, but she said she had to work that night.  According to her I didn’t wanted her to go because if I never asked her to take the day off.  You said what??? Women logic!!! Since when does a person needs to tell you take the day off work so you can attend an event? If you want to attend, you take the initiative and take the day off without anyone asking.  As a result of her anger she felt the need to lose her mind and trash my place.  She threw my laptop and books all over my room.  I personally don’t care about any of that, but the fact that she couldn’t communicate without trashing my room was a good reason for me to kick her out of my place.  I don’t need any negativity in my life right now.  We didn’t date for that long so I don’t really care much about it.  Yes, it was nice to have someone around, but I prefer to be alone than to have a crazy person around me.   She is supposed to come and grab her things tomorrow morning and everything will be over.