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Yesterday I went to meet my nephew Shane.   He is the cutest little guy I ever seen.  I can already tell that he is going to be a ladies man.  He also likes to sleep and eat a lot.  I didn’t get to hold him because I have never hold a baby before and didn’t feel comfortable.  Practicing with a newborn seems a little dangerous.   

Here is a video of little Shane having hiccups earlier that day.  


‘Monster’ Energy Drinks are Satan?

Was about to post this video when I found this post. He hit the nail on the head. Nothing surprises me anymore…

Lucien Maverick's Den

I’m never surprised anymore.  Ever.  I’ve come to a point where, when somebody tells me – Man, you will not BELIEVE the stupid thing that so-and-so has done!  I just sit with a blank expression and go, “no, I believe it.”  Nothing surprises me.  So when I heard that there was a video that some woman made where she makes evidence that the energy drink brand Monster is connected to the devil, I was not surprised by that in the slightest.  I’m sure that most of you have seen this video already, but for those who haven’t, here it is –

You know, if you follow the logic of these people to its conclusion – Satan is trolling.  I mean, have you seen some of the things that people find the “666” mark on?  My personal favorite was how they found that it’s everywhere in Disney.  Given how God is…

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Control Your Eyebrows

This guy is hilarious.  I couldn’t stop laughing after watching this video.  The sad part is that he is pretty damn accurate.  The funny thing is that not only girls do that.  Now you see guys walking around with their eyebrows looking like they have the McDonalds M on their forehead.  

Writing 101 – Serially Lost

Today’s assignment should be a piece of cake.  We have to write about a time we lost something or someone that was a part of our life.  I personally don’t like writing about depressing times in my life so I’m going to leave that subject alone.  

I have the bad habit of losing my phone, my wallet and other things.  I have never lost my keys before.  They are always hanging on a belt loop on my side.  I wish I could say the same thing about my phone and debit card.  I usually never put my debit card in my wallet.  I like to keep it in my back pocket by itself.  Sadly for me that’s an easy way to misplace it.  Today I’m going to tell you guys the story when I lost my debit card the day I needed it the most.  I guess I needed it the most that day because I didn’t have it with me and put me in awkward situation.  Yes…my debit card is a big part of my life, okay. 

I was visiting a friend (Mark) of mine in San Diego.  I arrived on a Saturday morning and was ready to have a weekend full of fun.   I got to Mark’s house and had a couple of drinks with him and his roommates.  That’s when I found out that there was going to be a huge party that night.  San Diego is one of those cities that still has friendly neighborhoods.  A friendly neighborhood is one were everyone knows their neighbors and they get together on the weekends and have a block party.  The block party was full of happy and friendly people.  We stayed there until the end.  Once it started getting dark everyone started heading home.  That’s when the night started for us, we went and visited the local bars and had a great time.  The next day we spend the morning at the beach and the afternoon at the ball park.  The Padres got their butt kicked by the Giants that day, the stadium was almost empty.  It was a sad venue.  That night we stayed in because Mark had school early in the morning and I had to catch a flight back to Las Vegas.  

The next morning Mark dropped me off at the airport and I was ready to head home.  I had an amazing weekend in San Diego.  The weather was beautiful and most of the people there seem really happy.  I guess it could be because I was surrounded by a bunch of college students like myself.  I got to the airline counter and was ready to check in.  That’s when I found out that bags didn’t fly for free.  I was a little upset about it since it was the first time anyone had ever charged me for bags.  I decide that it was not worth an argument.  Either way I was going to lose.  I reached for my debit card in my back pocket just to find out that it wasn’t there.  That’s when I found out that I had lost it.  I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it.  The lady at the desk said that my bags couldn’t travel unless I paid the thirty dollar fee.  I only had a twenty dollar bill with me and the lady wouldn’t help me out.  I asked if they could charge the card that I use to buy the ticket and the lady just kept looking at me like “ain’t nobody got time for that”.  Finally the manager came and she was the nicest lady or just din’t want to deal with me.  She went ahead and charged the card they had on file.  I was relieved when I finally got in the plane.  

Two days later I was watching my clothes when I found my card in the back pocket of my dirty jeans 😦   I could have prevented all the chaos just by searching through my bag a little slower…  



Mortal Kombat Prank Video

I hope you guys are ready for an early morning laugh.  Mortal Kombat has always been my favorite fighting video game.  So when I saw the title of the video I din’t hesitate to click on it.  Ohh boy…I’m glad I clicked on it.  This video had me laughing like the hyenas in Lion King.  Watch it until the end, you won’t be disappointing.