I Hate Change

WTF is wrong with the people in charge of WordPress?   Why would you change the website.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  I feel like a 100 year old man trying to figure out how to navigate my way through the new set up.  Not cool WordPress!   


  1. ANooP

    They were trying to change it from couple of months, like for new posts and stuff. I hated it then and I hate it now. The old interface was way more easy and cool.


  2. markbialczak

    They posted on their own look-at-what-we’re-up-to site about the changes, Kid, and I commented there how I didn’t like it. And on Doobster’s site, where I used the words stunk and stank about their label “new and improved” because I wasn’t sure which one was correct. Now I’ll go off on your site. I’m three-for-three. They think they need to look sleek and racy like a new car or something. No, we’re blogging here, WordPress, not racing in the streets! Old stat page is better, please and thank you.

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  3. mgrace58

    People be like “Whaaaat?!” lol That was my reaction! I’m sure there will be more and unannounced. They could at least inform us that a change will be taking place!


  4. Little Misadventures

    My brain almost exploded when I saw the new layout :/ I still haven’t managed to find the ‘sign out’ button from the new layout either. Help me, I’m a noooob! Haha. I kinda, sorta like the new layout, but it is incredibly frustrating at the same time :/


  5. AZVHV.wordpress.com

    Ha! I thought it was just me! Not that I don’t wish you well but I’m glad someone your age is having an issue with it too 🙂


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  7. Debbie Spivey

    I agree 100%!!! It takes me twice as long to do simple tasks because I keep stumbling around. I struggle bad enough without all the changes… Have you noticed any blogs you follow not showing up? I have found one or two that mysteriously unfollowed themselves…ugh!!

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  9. samanthafooce

    I didn’t even realize it was changed since I use mobile. And I so rarely use it on my laptop that I assume it’s just me. Thank you. I now have an excuse for my dumbshit. They did change it, right?? If they didn’t, I believe you and will undoubtedly blame something on it now 😉


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