Uncle Sergio!

Well, tonight is an amazing night.  I’m officially an uncle.  I’m pretty pumped about it.  Can’t wait for the day he starts calling me Uncle Sergio.  It rolls off the tongue.  It sounds just right.  To him and the future generations of Foxes my first name is now Uncle and my middle name is Sergio.  I can already tell that Shane Fox will be leading the next generation of Foxes to great things.

Congratulations to Charlie (brother) and Megan (sister in law).  They have been waiting for Shane to make an appearance for months.  I know they are overjoyed right now.   Going to sleep with a huge smile on my face tonight.  I will be paying him a visit tomorrow 🙂 



  1. ichibon

    Wanted to share a thought on “Uncle Serigio” and “Lucky Frane” while still in my head. First, congratulations on becoming an Uncle and the sometime responsibilities of the title, i.e. babysitting, pep-talks (later in the life of the Nephew), and the sense of belonging and sharing in the life of a family member. Continued elation and eagerness of your new position.
    “Lucky Frane” was humorous, yet, it is assumed that such difficulties are common (not necessarily trains, planes, and automobiles; sounds like a movie title) in the lives of those deemed “unlucky” by any given standard of labeling such phenomenon.
    Did you enjoy a cigar after the childs birth as is traditional, or maybe something more symbolic?



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